Allow us to introduce you to our new and exiting website for the Live Music fan. uses a very simple formula to make the website the perfect tool to promote your self or to promote others. First have the Bands/artist promote themselves by uploading there history, band members, genres, pictures, videos and music for FREEE. Have the Bands promote the places where they play live music by adding there gig list of live acts, have the fans rate there performance and comment on there live experience and finally have the places list there upcoming Live acts. All of this is set on a very simple interface that allows the register user to customize the look and feel of there profile.

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Another cool future of is Tweeter integration. Now you don’t have to be navigating to both sites to update your profile, upload a gig and your Twitter account gets updated with your event. The MyTrailMusic Twitter account also gets updated. We are also adding a Facebook Interface that allows for the fans to add you as there friend or “LIKE” your Profile, all from your own space at

For the fan is where really shines. You can search for Live Acts in your area or Genre. Just click on the date or specify your favorite place and www.MyTrailMusic will immediately shows you the next three weeks of Live acts, complete with Google maps directions.

You can also search bands/acts or artists including Dj’s on the Search link of our Webpage. You can search by name, by band member or by genre. Review a band before seeing them by clicking on there picture, or simply click on the Polaroid picture viewer, this little window gives you a glimpse on what you can expect from the artist or Band.

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Searching for a place to hear Live Music? MyTrailMusic is also adding profiles for them. By visiting there profiles you can see a list of there next calendar events. You can also read about there offerings, including types of food, drinks and of course there prices. You will also be able to rate them and help us MyTrailMusic approve them.

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Our official launch is n February, but be the first of a hundred artists to register for the chance to win an original USA Fender Stratocaster courtesy of our sponsors.

My Trail Music, “Because you have to hear it Live!!!”
Thanks and see you soon

My Trail Music Team

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